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Give Blood, Get a Taco!

Give Blood, Get a Taco!

“Maximize Your Impact” at any of United Blood Services six Valley donor centers in April and receive a free Original Fish Taco®, courtesy of Rubio’s! MAX donors help United Blood Services better meet the daily needs of Arizona hospital patients by giving the automated donation procedure that is most needed based on their blood type and physical attributes. Donors of all blood types are needed, especially O-negative, the universal blood type that can be substituted for other...
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Maximize the Impact of Your Donation

By taking a little extra time to give an automated MAX donation, you can better serve hospital patient’s needs by targeting the specific blood components needed most.


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Heroes Honor Roll

Cameron Abel, Gold Donor

Stacey Abelman, Gold Donor

Peter Abele, Gold Donor

Dee Ackerman, Gold Coordinator

Susan Arnone, Gold Coordinator

Gabriel Abeyta, Gold Donor

Patricia Argueta, Gold Coordinator

Bob Allen, Gold Coordinator

Sharon Aalbers, Gold Donor

Gary Abe, Gold Donor

Peyman Abbasy, Gold Donor

Chuck Akins, Gold Coordinator

Tanner Aberle, Gold Donor

Tina Barber, Gold Coordinator

Chrissy Amaro, Gold Coordinator

Nancy Abele, Gold Donor

Jeffrey Abernethy, Gold Donor

John Auckland, Gold Coordinator

Karen Beacom, Gold Coordinator

Tim Barney, Gold Coordinator

Scott Baxter, Gold Coordinator

Sherman Abernathy, Gold Donor

Tracy Abbott, Gold Donor

Paul Appeldorn, Gold Coordinator

Amanda Bachler, Gold Coordinator

Kim Angelo, Gold Coordinator

Mark Abila, Gold Donor

James Aamot, Gold Donor

Arlene Aamot, Gold Donor

Ronald Abbl, Gold Donor

Gail Baldacchino, Gold Coordinator

Cynthia Abel, Gold Donor

Cindy Andrews, Gold Coordinator

Jon Alger, Gold Coordinator

Joann Aarons, Gold Donor

Elizabeth Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Robert Abele, Gold Donor

Ericka Baca, Gold Coordinator

Ameer Abdulrida, Gold Donor

Don Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Brian Abel, Gold Donor

Ruth Aron, Gold Coordinator

Cinthia Andrew, Gold Coordinator

Jaime Abeytia, Gold Donor

Ashley Accurso, Gold Coordinator

Jessica Barraza, Gold Coordinator

Kimberley Abbott, Gold Donor

Neil Aaron, Gold Donor

Justin Aarhus, Gold Donor

Brad Bassett, Gold Coordinator

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