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Give Blood, Get Phoenix Open Tickets!

Give Blood, Get Pizza!

More blood transfusions are required in January than any other month of the year. That’s why The Thunderbirds, hosts of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, have stepped up to make sure the New Year starts out on par for patients across Arizona. All Jan. 1 – 15 United Blood Services donors will receive a voucher for a free ticket to the Waste Management Phoenix Open in appreciation for replenishing Arizona’s blood supply following the holiday season. Billed as “The ...
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Maximize the Impact of Your Donation

By taking a little extra time to give an automated MAX donation, you can better serve hospital patient’s needs by targeting the specific blood components needed most.


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Heroes Honor Roll

Allison Adams, Gold Coordinator

Paul Appeldorn, Gold Coordinator

Ericka Baca, Gold Coordinator

Barbara Aarestad, Gold Donor

Judith Abdai, Gold Donor

Adam Abbott, Gold Donor

Kelli Austin, Gold Coordinator

Dale Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Donn Achtenberg, Gold Coordinator

Scott Baxter, Gold Coordinator

Joann Aarons, Gold Donor

Don Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Abdul Abdul Qobus, Gold Donor

Jon Alger, Gold Coordinator

Varis Abdul Rauf, Gold Donor

Pascal Adcock, Gold Coordinator

Conrad Aaknes, Gold Donor

Rhonda Asher, Gold Coordinator

Jackson Abbott, Gold Donor

Gail Baldacchino, Gold Coordinator

Bob Allen, Gold Coordinator

Cinthia Andrew, Gold Coordinator

Cynthia Abel, Gold Donor

Cindy Andrews, Gold Coordinator

Kim Angelo, Gold Coordinator

Arlene Aamot, Gold Donor

Julie Abbit, Gold Donor

Kelly Bauer, Gold Coordinator

Haris Abdul Rauf, Gold Donor

Tim Barney, Gold Coordinator

Elizabeth Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Chrissy Amaro, Gold Coordinator

Roberta Arthur, Gold Coordinator

James Aamot, Gold Donor

Sharon Aalbers, Gold Donor

Siraj Abdurahman, Gold Donor

Rose Arballo, Gold Coordinator

Ali Abbaszadegan, Gold Donor

Bruce Abbott, Gold Donor

Michael Aavang, Gold Donor

Ruby Abad, Gold Donor

Ramsey Abdin, Gold Donor

Neil Aaron, Gold Donor

Susan Arnone, Gold Coordinator

Alan Abare, Gold Donor

Pamela Abbott, Gold Donor

Ruth Aron, Gold Coordinator

Marco Abasta, Gold Donor

Amanda Bachler, Gold Coordinator

Isaac Abarca, Gold Donor

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