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The following positions meet your search criteria and are currently available:
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  Job Title Location Division Position Close Date
 Donor Care Specialist I - 0408  San Angelo, TX  United Blood Services  Full-Time  08/08/2014
 Donor Care Specialist I - 0407  Lubbock, TX  United Blood Services  Full-Time  08/08/2014
 Donor Outreach Supervisor - 0015  Tempe, AZ  Shared Services  Full-Time  08/01/2014
 Hospital Services Technician I - 0008  Albuquerque, NM  United Blood Services  Not Full-Time  08/01/2014
 Hospital Services Technician II - 0011  Reno, NV  United Blood Services  Not Full-Time  08/08/2014
 Donor Recruitment Representative - 0090  Tupelo, MS  United Blood Services  Full-Time  08/01/2014
 Donor Recruitment Representative - 0035  Bismarck, ND  United Blood Services  Full-Time  08/08/2014
 Donor Care Specialist I - 0033  Bismarck, ND  United Blood Services  Full-Time  08/08/2014
 Donor Care Specialist I - 0034  Aberdeen, SD  United Blood Services  Full-Time  08/08/2014
 Clinical Lab Assistant I - 0011  St. Petersburg, FL  Creative Testing Solutions  Not Full-Time  08/01/2014
 Sr Project Manager - 0045  Scottsdale, AZ  Blood Systems Corporate Office  Full-Time  01/01/2020
 Administrative Assistant II - 0044  Scottsdale, AZ  Blood Systems Corporate Office  Full-Time  08/01/2014
 National Accounts Director - 0043  Tempe, AZ  BioCARE  Full-Time  08/08/2014
 Donor Care Specialist I - 0405  Midland, TX  United Blood Services  Full-Time  08/01/2014
 Donor Relations Specialist - 0406  Midland, TX  United Blood Services  Full-Time  08/01/2014
 Hospital Services Technician II - 1415  Billings, MT  United Blood Services  Full-Time  08/01/2014
 Donor Recruitment Representative - 0088  Hattiesburg, MS  United Blood Services  Full-Time  08/01/2014
 Donor Care Supervisor - 0074  Baton Rouge, LA  United Blood Services  Full-Time  08/01/2014
 Donor Care Specialist I - 0032  Minot, ND  United Blood Services  Full-Time  08/01/2014
 Clinical Specialist - 0404  Lubbock, TX  United Blood Services  Full-Time  08/08/2014
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