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Just like first responder groups our blood supply must be at-the-ready when patients need it. United Blood Services is asking for donors to pledge to be a First Blood Responder and donate three times in 2018, starting in January. First Blood Responders will help ensure that blood is already at the hospital BEFORE emergencies and disasters happen. If each donor donates three times in 2018, a stable supply of all blood types will be created and in turn, more lives will be saved.

“The 2017 year brought unfortunate situations, from hurricanes and wildfires to active shooters,” said Mitzi Breaux, Marketing and Communications Manager with United Blood Services. “Through these situations, one thing remains t...
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Believe in Your Power to Change the World!

All January donors receive a "Power the Change the World" T-shirt! While supplies last.

Heroes Honor Roll

Christie Bourque, Gold Coordinator

Linda Abshire, Gold Donor

Andrea Ardoin, Gold Coordinator

David Broussard, Gold Coordinator

David Acosta Jr, Gold Donor

Yvonne Bazer, Gold Coordinator

Julie Alario, Gold Coordinator

Trevis Badeaux, Gold Coordinator

Ahmed Abdouramane, Gold Donor

Nick Accardo Jr, Gold Donor

Barbara Broussard, Gold Coordinator

Esther Abshire, Gold Donor

Anthony Adams, Gold Donor

Ronald Adair, Gold Donor

Dale Boudreaux, Gold Coordinator

Mandy Berthelot, Gold Coordinator

Jamaine Brasseaux, Gold Coordinator

Suzanne Aucoin, Gold Coordinator

Ann Bertrand, Gold Coordinator

Tara Abshire, Gold Donor

Keitha Broussard, Gold Coordinator

Roland Abshire, Gold Donor

Michael Alexander, Gold Coordinator

Ashley Adams, Gold Donor

Duane Bland, Gold Coordinator

April Austin, Gold Coordinator

Janet Abadie, Gold Donor

Stewart Abercrombie, Gold Donor

Paul Abshire, Gold Donor

Vicki Abshire, Gold Donor

Victor Abshire, Gold Donor

Brittany Bodden, Gold Coordinator

Donald Abshire, Gold Donor

Jack Achord, Gold Donor

Tori Bourgeois, Gold Coordinator

Thomas Abshire, Gold Donor

Denis Abbott, Gold Donor

Amber Adams, Gold Donor

Tony Abshire, Gold Donor

Donna Barbay, Gold Coordinator

Rachel Binion, Gold Coordinator

Mitzi Breaux, Gold Coordinator

Jamie Bernard, Gold Coordinator

Christopher Abshire, Gold Donor

Ashley Bilello, Gold Coordinator

Brandon Abadie, Gold Donor

Blaine Broussard, Gold Coordinator

Carla Adams, Gold Donor

Brandon Biessenberger, Gold Coordinator

Brent Acker, Gold Donor

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