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Give the Gift of Life this Holiday Season!

Albuquerque, NM—Anticipating a busy holiday season, United Blood Services is launching a special Holiday Promotion next week. With each donation, donor’s names will be entered into a raffle for a Tempur-Pedic mattress from Mattress Firm, pairs of tickets to local entertainment events, such as concerts, and sporting events. As well as an overnight stay for two at the Albuquerque Marriott Uptown will be raffled off. As always, all donors receive a free total cholesterol test and earn points in the United Blood Services’ Hero in Me rewards program.

It’s important to build the blood supply as we go into the holiday. With holiday travelers on the roads, we have to make sure area hospitals are well-stocked to d...
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I Heart Radio Giveaway

United Blood Services is giving one blood donor tickets to 12 events next year! The grand prize includes tickets to concerts, sporting events, festivals, and local attractions. To qualify, donate blood between December 22nd and January 4th. Or, register at United Blood Services without donating. All blood donors are automatically entered to wi...
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Heroes Honor Roll

Rhonda Bentz, Gold Coordinator

Gloria Ashley, Gold Coordinator

Katrina Baumgartner, Gold Coordinator

Bob Bales, Gold Coordinator

Terry Allensworth, Gold Coordinator

Vanessa Anaya, Gold Coordinator

Maria Amodo, Gold Coordinator

Angela Abeyta, Gold Donor

Fabian Abeyta, Gold Donor

George Abeyta, Gold Donor

Monica Barros-Torres, Gold Coordinator

Michelle Aaland, Gold Donor

Budd Berkman, Gold Coordinator

Michael Abernathy, Gold Donor

Margaret Arnold, Gold Coordinator

Gary Abousleman, Gold Donor

Samuel Abeita, Gold Donor

Monica Basoa La Palma, Gold Coordinator

Jeanie Abeyta, Gold Coordinator

George Abe, Gold Donor

Jeanie Abeyta, Gold Donor

Devra Abernathy, Gold Donor

Dorrie Abeyta, Gold Coordinator

Amy Boule, Gold Coordinator

Lorraine Abeyta, Gold Donor

Jeff Abes, Gold Donor

Consuelo Bolagh-Cowder, Gold Coordinator

Rebecca Abbott, Gold Donor

Constance Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Iris Aboytes, Gold Donor

John Brake, Gold Coordinator

Jeannie Bennett, Gold Coordinator

Florencita Abeyta, Gold Donor

Rob Bigham, Gold Coordinator

Gilbert Alvarado, Gold Coordinator

Owen Black, Gold Coordinator

Christopher Abe, Gold Donor

Adrian Abeyta, Gold Donor

Pamela Bradley, Gold Coordinator

Stephanie Block, Gold Coordinator

Jerry Abeyta, Gold Donor

Josie Abbenante, Gold Donor

Gregory Abousleman, Gold Donor

Michelle Aigner, Gold Coordinator

Sergio Abeyta, Gold Donor

Sabra Aaron, Gold Donor

William Abernathy, Gold Donor

Lisa Apodaca, Gold Coordinator

Frank Abeyta, Gold Donor

Patricia Abeyta, Gold Donor

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