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South Dakota
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United Blood Services South Dakota

RAPID CITY – United Blood Services provides lifesaving blood to patients in hospitals throughout this area. We welcome volunteer donors at our blood centers and blood drives. To make a convenient appointment to donate blood, please click here: schedule an appointment online.

Save time by completing your health history questionnaire online the same day as your blood donation appointment. On the day of your donation appointment, click here to begin your online health history questionnaire. Answer all the questions, then print your Fast Track Donation Ticket and brin...
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Heroes Honor Roll

Mike Decker, Gold Coordinator

Louie Arens, Gold Coordinator

Jason Fleming, Gold Coordinator

Dennis Absalon, Gold Donor

John Ackerman, Gold Donor

Merelda Dreyer, Gold Coordinator

David Abeln, Gold Donor

Phyllis Camin, Gold Coordinator

Frederick Adamy, Gold Donor

Jamie Curran, Gold Coordinator

Kathy Barnes, Gold Coordinator

Paul Ackman, Gold Donor

Lynn Brown, Gold Coordinator

Brenda Aadland, Gold Donor

Donna Cammack, Gold Coordinator

Elmer Claeys, Gold Coordinator

Wendy Aburto, Gold Donor

Richard Abelseth, Gold Donor

Chris Bryant, Gold Coordinator

Larry Adams, Gold Donor

Anthony Adams, Gold Donor

Kerri Adamson, Gold Donor

Robert Adams, Gold Donor

Elizabeth Daugherty, Gold Coordinator

Casey Aalbers, Gold Donor

Teresa Etzkorn, Gold Coordinator

Matthew Achen, Gold Donor

Renee Addington, Gold Donor

David Aasby, Gold Donor

Jerrie Gosch, Gold Coordinator

Vicki Adams, Gold Donor

Larry Glanzer, Gold Coordinator

Linda Adam, Gold Donor

Shawn Cogdill, Gold Coordinator

Cathleen Absalon Bogner, Gold Donor

Ryan Aalbu, Gold Donor

Noreen Aadson, Gold Donor

United Blood Services, Gold Coordinator

Ellen Butts, Gold Coordinator

Don Garvis, Gold Coordinator

Chris Davis, Gold Coordinator

Judy Heisler- Tnt Extension Club, Gold Coordinator

Paul Decker, Gold Coordinator

Carrie Ackerman, Gold Donor

Ronald Adam, Gold Donor

Freida Dent, Gold Coordinator

Richard Adamson, Gold Donor

Travis Adams, Gold Donor

Rose Chappell, Gold Coordinator

Terry Grosz- Rsvp, Gold Coordinator

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