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This February, Give From the Heart!

February is American Heart Month and heart disease remains the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Often, part of the treatment to combat its effects includes surgery that requires a blood transfusion.

We are committed to making sure blood is available for every member of the community who is in need, and with your help we can ensure this happens.

We have three convenient Community Donation Centers located at 1125 Terminal Way in Reno, 4670 Sparks Boulevard in Sparks, and 256 E. Winnie Lane in Carson City and mobile operations throughout Northern Nevada. If you are interested in hosting a blood drive call us at (775) 785-6630 to find out how to get started. It's a great way to have a positive impact on our community. Plus after every donation you can check your cholesterol results.


Give from the heart this February by donating blood, with our heartfelt appreciation you will receive a heart shaped box of Russell Stover's chocolates to sweeten your day through February 14th when you donate at one of our centers! While supplies last.

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Heroes Honor Roll

Joseph Abujasen, Gold Donor

Liza Abrams, Gold Donor

Cameron Aceves, Gold Donor

Darryl Abraham, Gold Donor

Taylor Abe, Gold Donor

Linda Abrahamson, Gold Donor

Dan Davis, Gold Coordinator

Sean Aaquist, Gold Donor

Craig Eyre, Gold Coordinator

Robin Abrams, Gold Donor

Susan Christensen, Gold Coordinator

America Acevedo, Gold Donor

Alan Ackerman, Gold Donor

Andrea Acquafredda, Gold Donor

Joseph Abittan, Gold Donor

Robin Borba, Gold Coordinator

Elaine Adams, Gold Coordinator

Simon Abittan, Gold Donor

Savannah Abraham, Gold Donor

Gail Davis, Gold Coordinator

Roxanne Abundis, Gold Donor

Lon Bartoli, Gold Coordinator

Suzanne Connell, Gold Coordinator

Justine Abel, Gold Donor

Zakaryia Abdalla, Gold Donor

Heather Burkhardt, Gold Coordinator

Jann Carlucci, Gold Coordinator

Phillip Abel, Gold Donor

Frankie Albert, Gold Coordinator

Marcie Dennis, Gold Coordinator

Hilary Boudreau, Gold Coordinator

Virginia Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Marcie Dennis, Gold Coordinator

Dwight Aalgaard, Gold Donor

Cherie Collins, Gold Coordinator

Valerie Beydler, Gold Coordinator

Adrienne Barry, Gold Coordinator

Emma Curtis, Gold Coordinator

Angela Abbey, Gold Donor

Russell Aaron, Gold Donor

Amber Boster, Gold Coordinator

Barbara Alt, Gold Coordinator

Kobe Abe, Gold Donor

Kindra Acker, Gold Donor

Andy Beck, Gold Coordinator

Nora Boisselle, Gold Coordinator

Janna Collins, Gold Coordinator

Richard Aarons, Gold Donor

Bob Adair, Gold Donor

Maggie Ellison, Gold Coordinator

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