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Texas: El Paso & McAllen
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United Blood Services Provides Blood to Your Community

United Blood Services provides lifesaving blood to patients in hospitals throughout this area. We welcome volunteer donors at our blood centers and blood drives. To make a convenient appointment to donate blood, please click here: schedule an appointment online.

Save time by completing your health history questionnaire online the same day as your blood donation appointment. On the day of your donation appointment, click here to begin your online health history questionnaire. Answer all the questions, then print your Fast Track Donation Ticket and bring it with you when you ...
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Since 1970, January has been declared at National Volunteer Blood Donor month and with good reason. January can present some challenges in recruiting donors for several reasons. Bad weather, and winter illnesses can keep even the most dedicated donors from making or keeping an appointment to give blood. Yet, winter months, especially at th...
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Heroes Honor Roll

Jovanna Cantu, Gold Coordinator

Christopher Bueno, Gold Coordinator

Deborah Abrego, Gold Donor

Brenda Azarte, Gold Coordinator

Anabell De Leon, Gold Coordinator

Jerry Castellanos, Gold Coordinator

Juana Cervantes, Gold Coordinator

Marc Abeyta, Gold Donor

Alice Aceituno, Gold Donor

Erica Balli, Gold Coordinator

Sandra Aaronson, Gold Donor

Ricky Acevedo, Gold Donor

David Almquist, Gold Coordinator

Abigail Acevedo, Gold Donor

Elias Abrego, Gold Donor

Mike Burke, Gold Coordinator

Luis Avalos, Gold Coordinator

Moeen Abedin, Gold Donor

Marie Coria, Gold Coordinator

Clarissa Cardona, Gold Coordinator

Dyana Chahda, Gold Coordinator

Robert Acevedo, Gold Donor

Higinio Abrego, Gold Donor

Anais Aceituno, Gold Donor

Cristina Aceituno, Gold Donor

Hashim Abu Gellban, Gold Donor

Tim Bryer, Gold Coordinator

Jose Acevedo, Gold Donor

Oscar Arriaga, Gold Coordinator

Magdalena Alvarez, Gold Coordinator

Audrey Davis, Gold Coordinator

Chief Richard Bahena, Gold Coordinator

Kimberly R. Barnett, Gold Coordinator

Ahmad Abbad, Gold Donor

Gabriel Abrego, Gold Donor

Jesus Abrego, Gold Donor

Edward Abraham, Gold Donor

Kareem Abdullah, Gold Donor

Cynthia Alaniz, Gold Coordinator

Terry Abeyta, Gold Donor

Michael Abeyta, Gold Donor

Alexander Aboytes, Gold Donor

Lucy Cantu, Gold Coordinator

Susan Cooper, Gold Coordinator

Mark Barnett, Gold Coordinator

Marguerite Byers, Gold Coordinator

Mary Alvarado, Gold Coordinator

Brandon Acebedo, Gold Donor

Maria Aceituno, Gold Donor

Esber Aboud, Gold Donor

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