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Texas: Midland, Lubbock & San Angelo
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United Blood Services West Texas

United Blood Services provides lifesaving blood to patients in hospitals throughout this area. We welcome volunteer donors at our blood centers and blood drives. To make a convenient appointment to donate blood, please click here: schedule an appointment online.

Save time by completing your health history questionnaire online the same day as your blood donation appointment. On the day of your donation appointment, click here to begin your online health history questionnaire. Answer all the questions, then print your Fast Track Donation Ticket and bring it with you when you ...
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Midland: https://www.f...
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Heroes Honor Roll

Britnie Adams, Gold Donor

Orlando Abril, Gold Donor

Sarah Acker, Gold Donor

Leslie Barker, Gold Coordinator

Alan Aaron, Gold Donor

Leanne Allen, Gold Coordinator

Julia Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Edgar Cervera, Gold Coordinator

Michelle Abraham, Gold Donor

Cissy Alvarado, Gold Coordinator

Elizabeth Acker, Gold Donor

Jonathan Acebedo, Gold Donor

Kyle Abbott, Gold Donor

Brittany Edwards, Gold Coordinator

Michael Acton, Gold Donor

Rocio Bejarano, Gold Coordinator

Cheryl Book, Gold Coordinator

Gery Adair, Gold Donor

Simon Barela, Gold Coordinator

Traci Cartwright, Gold Coordinator

Sharon Arthur, Gold Coordinator

Hollis Adams, Gold Donor

Teddi Crenwelge, Gold Coordinator

Reta (Smith) Perdue, Gold Coordinator

Manuel Abila, Gold Donor

Alayna Abbe, Gold Donor

Steve Carter, Gold Coordinator

Jessica Acosta, Gold Donor

Madilyn Acker, Gold Donor

Cheryl Adams, Gold Donor

Azriel Arzate, Gold Coordinator

Marshall Abarca, Gold Donor

Brittany Acosta, Gold Donor

Garrett Acker, Gold Donor

Ramon Adame, Gold Coordinator

Jose Acosta, Gold Donor

Martin Aaron, Gold Donor

Judie Darnell, Gold Coordinator

Mark Dominguez, Gold Coordinator

Linda Davis, Gold Coordinator

Garry Barcas, Gold Coordinator

Julia Allen, Gold Coordinator

Erick Acosta, Gold Donor

Tommy Aranda, Gold Coordinator

Ann Adams, Gold Donor

Brian Adams, Gold Donor

Vickie Bennett, Gold Coordinator

George Adams, Gold Donor

Judy Butler, Gold Coordinator

Alecia Cornelius, Gold Coordinator

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