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California: Central & Southern
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$100 Gift Card Everyday Giveaway

Starting September 8th, United Blood Services California will be raffling off a $100 Gift Card every weekday for the entire month. Donors will be entered into the daily drawing on the day they donate and the winner is selected at random every morning.

Your Donation is needed during Our $100 Gift Card Everyday Giveaway Blood Drive!

Please help us spread the word about the need for blood donors, and how our everyday heroes are saving lives. Like us on Facebook!

Those who are age 16 and older, weigh at least 110 pounds and are in good health, can likely donate. Additional height and weight requirements apply for donors age 22 and younger. Donors who are age 16, will need a parent permission slip to donate. Click here to obtain your Parent Permis...
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We Love to See Our Donors in Our Shirts!

United Blood Services has fixed site centers located in San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara and Ventura with mobile blood drives throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. Donors may call 1-877-UBS-HERO (827-4376) or visit to find a mobile blood drive or to make a convenient appointment...
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Heroes Honor Roll

Sid Abma, Gold Donor

Mark Aanerud, Gold Donor

David Aaron, Gold Donor

Delia Aldrete, Gold Coordinator

Hank Arellanes, Gold Coordinator

Kip Dettmer, Gold Coordinator

Mariana Abarta, Gold Donor

David Acosta, Gold Donor

Kathy Breska, Gold Coordinator

Valeria At Chamber, Gold Coordinator

Mark Aanerud, Gold Coordinator

Maria Acosta, Gold Donor

Jami Chavez, Gold Coordinator

Leanne Colvin, Gold Coordinator

Maricela Carpinteyro, Gold Coordinator

Richard Abraham, Gold Donor

Jeanine Alexander, Gold Coordinator

Mark Aanerud, Gold Coordinator

Angela Acebu, Gold Donor

Wendy Ackhart, Gold Donor

Keith Ackston, Gold Coordinator

Lisa Anglin, Gold Coordinator

Stewart Abercrombie, Gold Donor

Robin Alegria, Gold Coordinator

Maynard Beall, Gold Coordinator

Kristen Acosta, Gold Donor

Audrey Abeyta, Gold Donor

Melissa Abrams, Gold Donor

Carol Aalbers, Gold Donor

David Abusch Magder, Gold Donor

Joanne Absher, Gold Donor

Paul Friedeborn, Gold Coordinator

Amy Collins, Gold Coordinator

Maricela Carpinteyro, Gold Coordinator

Sarayen Acevedo, Gold Donor

Marc Abbink, Gold Donor

Sherie Devillers, Gold Coordinator

Paul Absher, Gold Donor

Leah Aasen, Gold Donor

Candy Arend, Gold Coordinator

Shane Abraham, Gold Donor

Carol Abella, Gold Donor

Sherie Devillers, Gold Coordinator

Cees Dobbe, Gold Coordinator

Elizabeth Acker, Gold Donor

Lonny Achey, Gold Donor

Jennifer Croll, Gold Coordinator

Keith Aggson, Gold Coordinator

Mindy Downum, Gold Coordinator

Diane Abrams, Gold Donor

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