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Give from the Heart - Donate Blood this February

Brinley's family is so thankful for volunteer blood donors who played a key role in saving Brinley's life.

Before the age of two, little Brinley endured two open-heart surgeries for Tetralogy of Fallot, a congenital heart defect. Her very survival during the surgeries required blood transfusions from volunteer blood donors like you. Brinley is well and healthy today and her family is thankful for an amazing medical team and amazing blood donors like yourself who, despite the weather, the traffic, and despite everything life throws your way, made donating blood a priority and helped save their angel Brinley.

New Volunteer Blood Donors are needed each and every day, our challenge in February is to receive over 5,000 donations in February for babies like Brinley, for cancer patients, and for accident victims who ...
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Learn more about Brinley's Heart Story

Meet Brinley's family and learn more about her amazing heart story here.

Heroes Honor Roll

Leah Aasen, Gold Donor

Sherie Devillers, Gold Coordinator

David Acuna, Gold Donor

Cees Dobbe, Gold Coordinator

Carol Bezkostny, Gold Coordinator

Mindy Downum, Gold Coordinator

Stewart Abercrombie, Gold Donor

Patricia Abernathy, Gold Donor

Claudia Davoli, Gold Coordinator

Maria Acosta, Gold Donor

Joe Darga, Gold Coordinator

Monica Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Mia Abram, Gold Donor

Martha Coyne, Gold Coordinator

Shane Abraham, Gold Donor

Kaela Cordova, Gold Coordinator

Sara Acosta, Gold Donor

Jessica Acevedo, Gold Donor

Lonny Achey, Gold Donor

Sarayen Acevedo, Gold Donor

Terri Davis, Gold Coordinator

Wendy Ackhart, Gold Donor

Maricela Carpinteyro, Gold Coordinator

Mark Aanerud, Gold Donor

David Aaron, Gold Donor

Melissa Abrams, Gold Donor

Kathy Breska, Gold Coordinator

Jeanine Alexander, Gold Coordinator

Lisa Aagaard, Gold Donor

Mariana Abarta, Gold Donor

Lisa Anglin, Gold Coordinator

Albert Acuna, Gold Donor

Kristen Acosta, Gold Donor

Delia Aldrete, Gold Coordinator

Keith Aggson, Gold Coordinator

Leanne Colvin, Gold Coordinator

Candice Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Elizabeth Abma, Gold Donor

Maricela Carpinteyro, Gold Coordinator

Jami Chavez, Gold Coordinator

Sandy Casper, Gold Coordinator

Sid Abma, Gold Donor

Sherie Devillers, Gold Coordinator

Candy Arend, Gold Coordinator

Elizabeth Acker, Gold Donor

Nestor Abarca, Gold Donor

Kathy Ackley, Gold Donor

Amy Collins, Gold Coordinator

Laura Achee, Gold Donor

Hank Arellanes, Gold Coordinator

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