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This February, Give From the Heart!

February is American Heart Month and heart disease remains the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Often, part of the treatment to combat its effects includes surgery that requires a blood transfusion.

We are committed to making sure blood is available for every member of the community who is in need, and with your help we can ensure this happens.

We have four convenient Community Donation Centers located at 2223 Eastman Ave in Ventura, 4213 State Street in Santa Barbara, 1770 S. Broadway in Santa Maria, 4119 Broad Street in San Luis Obispo and mobile operations throughout the Southern & Central Coast. If you are interested in hosting a blood drive in Ventura/Santa Barbara call 800.715.3699 or San Luis Obispo/Santa Maria call 805.543.4290. It's a great way to have a positive impact on our community. Plus after every donation you can check your cholesterol results.


Give from the heart this February by donating blood, with our heartfelt appreciation you will receive a heart shaped box of Russell Stover's chocolates to sweeten your day through February 14th when you donate at one of our centers! While supplies last.

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Heroes Honor Roll

Keith Aggson, Gold Coordinator

Shane Abraham, Gold Donor

Sherie Devillers, Gold Coordinator

Patricia Abernathy, Gold Donor

Hank Arellanes, Gold Coordinator

Monica Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Terri Davis, Gold Coordinator

Sid Abma, Gold Donor

Kathy Breska, Gold Coordinator

Leanne Colvin, Gold Coordinator

Angela Acebu, Gold Donor

Sandy Casper, Gold Coordinator

Joe Darga, Gold Coordinator

Nestor Abarca, Gold Donor

Lonny Achey, Gold Donor

Jeanine Alexander, Gold Coordinator

Marc Abbink, Gold Donor

Candice Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Paul Absher, Gold Donor

Laura Achee, Gold Donor

Lisa Anglin, Gold Coordinator

Carol Abella, Gold Donor

Joanne Absher, Gold Donor

Maricela Carpinteyro, Gold Coordinator

Stewart Abercrombie, Gold Donor

Mindy Downum, Gold Coordinator

Mariana Abarta, Gold Donor

Richard Abraham, Gold Donor

Melissa Abrams, Gold Donor

Elizabeth Abma, Gold Donor

Sherie Devillers, Gold Coordinator

Candy Arend, Gold Coordinator

Martha Coyne, Gold Coordinator

Carol Aalbers, Gold Donor

Cees Dobbe, Gold Coordinator

Claudia Davoli, Gold Coordinator

Delia Aldrete, Gold Coordinator

Amy Collins, Gold Coordinator

Mark Aanerud, Gold Donor

David Aaron, Gold Donor

Jami Chavez, Gold Coordinator

Maricela Carpinteyro, Gold Coordinator

David Abusch Magder, Gold Donor

Leah Aasen, Gold Donor

Carol Bezkostny, Gold Coordinator

Sarayen Acevedo, Gold Donor

Diane Abrams, Gold Donor

Kaela Cordova, Gold Coordinator

Audrey Abeyta, Gold Donor

Lisa Aagaard, Gold Donor

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