Become a Blood Drive Coordinator!

Eniketi donates blood. She also coordinates blood drives at her workplace. She does these two things to save others. She knows the importance of blood donation. “My aunt had some medical issues and needed blood,” Eniketi recalls. “If it wasn’t for blood donors, I don’t know if my aunt would be here with us today.”

Eniketi inspires her co-workers to donate blood. She bakes cupcakes for donors and sends reminders about the blood drives “Anything I can do to help people understand how important it is to give blood, which really saves lives!”


Get Involved

Do stories like Eniketi’s inspire you? Are you already a blood donor and would you like to motivate others to donate? Or are you unable to donate but want to do more to help? Maybe you’ve never donated blood but are involved in coordinating a blood drive for your office or organization. Whatever your reason, you’ve come here for information about making your blood drive successful and we welcome any and all who are willing to lend a hand to promote volunteer blood donation in their community.

This section will help you get organized, plan your blood drive and get results. Whether you are coordinating a drive for your workplace, church, school or organization, we have information on how to make it a success. And don’t forget, as a blood drive coordinator, you are also eligible for our Hero Rewards Program that rewards you for organizing at least 3 blood drives a year!