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Find the Hero in YOU! Donate Blood!

Every three seconds, a patients receives a blood transfusion. If you knew that in the next three seconds someone you love would need a transfusion, would you donate? The thing is, every three seconds, someone that somebody loves, needs blood. Help ensure that blood is always there for everyone's loved ones. Schedule your appointment to donate All donors receive a free T-shirt!

Honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month by Donating Blood.

United Blood Services is giving you an opportunity to honor Breast Cancer Awareness month by donating blood. Every three seconds, a patient receives a life saving blood transfusion. There are many reasons why patients need blood, platelet or plasma transfusions and cancer treatments are one of them. Some cancer patients as use as many as 40...
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Heroes Honor Roll

Tori Bourgeois, Gold Coordinator

Brittany Bodden, Gold Coordinator

Barbara Broussard, Gold Coordinator

Kara Caldwell, Gold Donor

Benjamin Caldwell, Gold Donor

Duane Bland, Gold Coordinator

Nick Cambre, Gold Donor

Mitchell Calais, Gold Donor

Todd Callahan, Gold Donor

Suzanne Aucoin, Gold Coordinator

Jamaine Brasseaux, Gold Coordinator

Mitzi Breaux, Gold Coordinator

Martha Campbell, Gold Donor

Lisa Campo, Gold Donor

Jamie Bernard, Gold Coordinator

Crystal Calder, Gold Donor

Yvonne Bazer, Gold Coordinator

Rachel Binion, Gold Coordinator

Julie Alario, Gold Coordinator

Peter Campbell, Gold Donor

Blaine Broussard, Gold Coordinator

Michael Alexander, Gold Coordinator

April Austin, Gold Coordinator

Trevis Badeaux, Gold Coordinator

Ann Bertrand, Gold Coordinator

Donald Caillouet, Gold Donor

Mandy Berthelot, Gold Coordinator

Juan Campbell, Gold Donor

Donna Barbay, Gold Coordinator

Christie Bourque, Gold Coordinator

David Caillet, Gold Donor

Ashley Bilello, Gold Coordinator

Samuel Cahn, Gold Donor

Donald Caldera, Gold Donor

Dale Boudreaux, Gold Coordinator

Yvonne Cameron, Gold Donor

Brandon Biessenberger, Gold Coordinator

Andrea Ardoin, Gold Coordinator

Beverly Campbell Martin, Gold Donor

Louis Cain, Gold Donor

Krista Caillouet, Gold Donor

James Campbell, Gold Donor

David Broussard, Gold Coordinator

James Calcote, Gold Donor

Loni Campbell, Gold Donor

Michael Calamari, Gold Donor

Taylor Canchola, Gold Donor

David Cameron, Gold Donor

Keitha Broussard, Gold Coordinator

Christopher Calcote, Gold Donor

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