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United Blood Services Labor Day Promotion Kick-Off!

Labor Day weekend is here signifying the beginning of football season and, back by popular demand, the newly designed limited print "I Bleed Black and Gold" t-shirts! United Blood Services needs your help Labor Day weekend to ensure an adequate blood supply is available for local hospital patients in need of a life-saving blood transfusions. So, stop in at your local UBS donor center and donate blood today to receive your "I Bleed Black and Gold" shirt. All blood types are in need this weekend especially types O positive and O negative. To make a convenient appointment to donate blood, please click here: schedule an appointment online.<...
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It can be rewarding to be a Hero!

Donate blood and you will earn points that can be redeemed for some great items, including gift cards!

Heroes Honor Roll

Tara Abshire, Gold Donor

Gerardo Abascal Ponciano, Gold Donor

Chris Balatico, Gold Coordinator

Mary Abraham, Gold Donor

Denis Abbott, Gold Donor

Trevis Badeaux, Gold Coordinator

Thomas Abshire, Gold Donor

Caleb Aaron, Gold Donor

Stewart Abercrombie, Gold Donor

Ashley Bilello, Gold Coordinator

Rachel Binion, Gold Coordinator

April Austin, Gold Coordinator

Freddie Abraham, Gold Donor

Mary Lynn Alexander, Gold Coordinator

Tony Abshire, Gold Donor

Sara Boudreaux, Gold Coordinator

Danae Billingsley, Gold Coordinator

Ann Bertrand, Gold Coordinator

Wilbert Abshire, Gold Donor

Zachary Abshire, Gold Donor

Wilbert Bodin, Gold Coordinator

Krysten Babin, Gold Coordinator

Whitney Abshire, Gold Donor

Kevin Abbott, Gold Donor

Lisa Boudreaux, Gold Coordinator

Milton Batiste, Gold Coordinator

Gregg Barnett, Gold Coordinator

Dana Bekurs, Gold Coordinator

Julia Abshire, Gold Donor

Duane Bland, Gold Coordinator

Lanora Baudoin, Gold Coordinator

Amy Abshire, Gold Donor

Kisha Adcock, Gold Coordinator

Ahmed Abdouramane, Gold Donor

Suzanne Aucoin, Gold Coordinator

Brandon Abadie, Gold Donor

Nora Abel, Gold Donor

Julie Alario, Gold Coordinator

Dale Boudreaux, Gold Coordinator

Paul Abshire, Gold Donor

Stephen Ancelet, Gold Coordinator

Christina Abshire, Gold Donor

Roger Abshire, Gold Donor

Vicki Abshire, Gold Donor

Donna Barbay, Gold Coordinator

Mark Babineaux, Gold Coordinator

Christie Bourque, Gold Coordinator

Nick Accardo Jr, Gold Donor

Emad Abdel Raouf, Gold Donor

Linda Abshire, Gold Donor

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