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Donate in February & Earn 500 Additional Donor Points

February Donor's will receive 500 additional donor points

Schedule your appointment online or by calling 702-233-9620 (today)

All Center & most Mobile donors who donate between February 1st through February 28th, will receive an additional 500 Hero Reward Points in addition to the points they will earn for their donation.

Find the hero in you... give blood 3 times per year!

Stratosphere Pole Day Event - March 6th

Schedule your appointment online or by calling 702-233-9620 (today)

All Center & most Mobile donors who donate between February 24th through March 5th, will...
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Heroes Honor Roll

Jason Edwards, Gold Coordinator

Jo Ann Acevedo, Gold Donor

Melvin Achanzar, Gold Donor

Paul Abante, Gold Donor

Vanessa Aoun, Gold Coordinator

Jericha Deaux, Gold Coordinator

Christopher Abasolo, Gold Donor

Karen Deshazer, Gold Coordinator

Rebecca Demarco, Gold Coordinator

Rosie Dinh, Gold Coordinator

Susan Atkinson, Gold Coordinator

Cathy Acret, Gold Donor

James Acer, Gold Donor

Abrielle Abbott Williams, Gold Donor

Lorrie Abdul Ghani, Gold Donor

Andrew Acosta, Gold Donor

Leana Asplin, Gold Coordinator

Dale Abbott, Gold Donor

Dorian Achaval, Gold Donor

Simon Abraham, Gold Donor

Tasha Creek, Gold Coordinator

Lydia Duarte, Gold Coordinator

Melanie Cisneros, Gold Coordinator

Douglas Acret, Gold Donor

Latasha Baker, Gold Coordinator

Lawrence Achivida, Gold Donor

Matthew Aber, Gold Donor

Catherine Coleman, Gold Coordinator

Marcela Chiarandini, Gold Coordinator

Annette Abbett, Gold Donor

Joyce Dobard, Gold Coordinator

Lori Aaron, Gold Donor

Josh Ajila, Gold Coordinator

Michael Abbiss, Gold Donor

John Aarness, Gold Donor

Jennifer Blaylock, Gold Coordinator

Jose Acero, Gold Donor

Beth Blackwood, Gold Coordinator

Erica Blache, Gold Coordinator

Joan Dalusung, Gold Coordinator

Bob Brown, Gold Coordinator

Liza Abrams, Gold Donor

Loamy Diaz, Gold Coordinator

Melissa Dougherty, Gold Coordinator

Nancy Arnado, Gold Coordinator

Nicole Cote, Gold Coordinator

Brisa Abarca, Gold Donor

Shanta Abbott, Gold Donor

Kenneth Ackeret, Gold Donor

Robert Abner, Gold Donor

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Announcements & Events

  04/18/15-04/18/15: Centennial Hills YMCA Community Blood Drive
Saturday - Open to the Public
10:00am - 2:30pm&l...

  04/16/15-04/16/15: UNLV Alpha Phi Omega Blood Drive
Thursday - Open to the Public
11:00am - 2:20pm&l...

  04/15/15-04/15/15: UNLV LDS Las Vegas Institute of Religion Blood Drive
Wednesday- Open to the Public
11:00am - 3:00pm&l...

  04/15/15-04/15/15: UNLV Association of Pre-Health Professionals Blood Drive
Wednesday - Open to the Public
11:00am - 2:30pm&...

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