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New Mexico
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Drive Away A Hero - WIN A CAR!

United Blood Services formed a partnership with reCARnation (a full service transportation solution provider in Albuquerque)

Drive Away a Hero - donate during the Summer months and WIN a LifeXtend Certified Convertible PT Cruiser from reCARnation - May 1 thru July 31, 2014. Donors must complete the official entry form. A grand prize winner will be selected from 12 finalists. The other 11 finalist will each receive a $100 gift card.

Thank you to the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce

The Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce is inviting their members to come in and donate at our centers during the month of July.

Heroes Honor Roll

Kathy Bruha, Gold Coordinator

Gregory Abousleman, Gold Donor

Dorrie Abeyta, Gold Coordinator

Michelle Aaland, Gold Donor

Gloria Ashley, Gold Coordinator

Rhonda Bentz, Gold Coordinator

William Abernathy, Gold Donor

Terry Allensworth, Gold Coordinator

Miriam Acosta, Gold Donor

Bob Bales, Gold Coordinator

George Abe, Gold Donor

Iris Aboytes, Gold Donor

Sergio Abeyta, Gold Donor

Rob Bigham, Gold Coordinator

John Ackerman, Gold Donor

John Brake, Gold Coordinator

Josie Abbenante, Gold Donor

Amy Boule, Gold Coordinator

Nancy Brown, Gold Coordinator

Alexander Ackerman, Gold Donor

Budd Berkman, Gold Coordinator

Jeff Abes, Gold Donor

Amy Campbell, Gold Coordinator

Kristina Acosta, Gold Donor

Gary Abousleman, Gold Donor

Jeanie Abeyta, Gold Donor

Katrina Baumgartner, Gold Coordinator

Joseph Acosta, Gold Donor

Richard Buttz, Gold Coordinator

Consuelo Bolagh-Cowder, Gold Coordinator

Fabian Abeyta, Gold Donor

Jeanie Abeyta, Gold Coordinator

Cristina Aceves, Gold Donor

Michelle Aigner, Gold Coordinator

Peggy Brown, Gold Coordinator

Christopher Abe, Gold Donor

Lorraine Abeyta, Gold Donor

Jerry Abeyta, Gold Donor

Dorothy Ackley, Gold Donor

Florencita Abeyta, Gold Donor

Evelyn Bryant, Gold Coordinator

Sabra Aaron, Gold Donor

Lee Brammeier, Gold Coordinator

Rebecca Abbott, Gold Donor

Jeannie Bennett, Gold Coordinator

Constance Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Margaret Arnold, Gold Coordinator

Angela Abeyta, Gold Donor

Monica Barros-Torres, Gold Coordinator

Monica Basoa La Palma, Gold Coordinator

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