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Mississippi & Alabama
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Take a Life Saving Journey Toward Your Dream Vacation!

Help with an over 20 percent decline in blood donations this summer by donating blood with United Blood Services and you could win a Dream Vacation valued at up to $6,000! Your blood donation is critical to saving lives in the community. Please see the full list of giveaway rules below.

Blood Systems, Inc. d/b/a United Blood Services

United Blood Services & Travel Machine LLC “Dream Vacation” Giveaway Drawing
Official Rules: 2017

Drawing is offered only at United Blood Services and Lifeblood donor centers and mobile blood drives in Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi from June 1, 2017 through August 31, 2017.

Official Rules
The drawing is sponsored by Travel Machine LLC, Lifeblood and United Blood Services, the non-profit subsidiary of Blood Systems.

The drawing is open to Un...
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Summer Donor Dayz!

All June blood donors also receive a "Summer Donor Dayz" T-shirt! While supplies last! Schedule your appointment to donate today at or call us at 877-UBS-HERO (877-827-4376).

Heroes Honor Roll

Kerry Baker, Gold Coordinator

Brenda Ainsworth, Gold Donor

Vercilla Adams, Gold Donor

Larry Abernathy, Gold Donor

Jerrold Akins, Gold Donor

James Adams, Gold Donor

Rosie Brownlee, Gold Coordinator

Sondra Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Betsy Chesnutt, Gold Coordinator

Jerry Aikens Jr, Gold Donor

Heather Cartwright, Gold Coordinator

Ronnie Braxton, Gold Coordinator

Levator Adams Jr, Gold Donor

Rhonda Ainsworth, Gold Donor

Ronald Adams, Gold Donor

Debbie Craig, Gold Coordinator

Elizabeth Bryan, Gold Coordinator

Michael Abernathy, Gold Donor

Sharilyn Adam, Gold Donor

Nichole Bankston, Gold Coordinator

Vicki Crumpton, Gold Coordinator

Shannon Chatham, Gold Coordinator

Jamie Bland, Gold Coordinator

Carol Blackwell, Gold Coordinator

Linda Davis, Gold Coordinator

Missy Clifton, Gold Coordinator

Allen Adams, Gold Coordinator

William Agent, Gold Donor

Wesley Adams, Gold Donor

Susan Adams, Gold Donor

Debbie Darling, Gold Coordinator

Jeremy Adams, Gold Donor

Pamela Adkins, Gold Donor

Beverly Clark, Gold Coordinator

Lanell Coln, Gold Coordinator

Mayson Ables, Gold Donor

J C Aaron, Gold Donor

Mark Ainsworth, Gold Donor

Benjamin Adams, Gold Donor

Mary Adams, Gold Donor

June Dickinson, Gold Coordinator

Penny Allen, Gold Coordinator

James Adams, Gold Donor

Sandra Boykin, Gold Coordinator

Anne Comer, Gold Coordinator

John Adams, Gold Donor

Casey Samantha Adams, Gold Donor

Artie Adams, Gold Donor

Tina Bentley, Gold Coordinator

Tony Beard, Gold Coordinator

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