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Time flies. And the start of a brand new year reminds us there’s no better time than now to begin a tradition or to revive an old one.

This January, join us, as we ‘Fly into the New Year’ saving lives! Donate this month and you’ll be automatically entered into a weekly drawing for a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card. You never know who your lifesaving donation will help, and donating in January just may help you ‘Fly into the New Year!’

Book your appointment here or call us toll free at (800) 696-4484.

Can you give a platelet donation?


Why do patients need platelets?
Platelets help control bleeding. They are used in large quantities, over extended periods of time, by leukemia, cancer, aplastic anemia and marrow transplant patients.

How can I help?
Whole blood donations contain ab...
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Heroes Honor Roll

Lon Bartoli, Gold Coordinator

David Adams, Gold Donor

Zakaryia Abdalla, Gold Donor

Andy Beck, Gold Coordinator

Ryan Barrios, Gold Coordinator

Janna Collins, Gold Coordinator

Luai Ababneh, Gold Donor

Allen Adams, Gold Donor

Marcie Dennis, Gold Coordinator

Bob Adair, Gold Donor

Robin Borba, Gold Coordinator

Maggie Ellison, Gold Coordinator

Kindra Acker, Gold Donor

Gail Davis, Gold Coordinator

Jann Carlucci, Gold Coordinator

Mark Barton, Gold Coordinator

Frankie Albert, Gold Coordinator

Suzanne Connell, Gold Coordinator

Lisa Adams, Gold Donor

Kobe Abe, Gold Donor

Taylor Abe, Gold Donor

Barbara Alt, Gold Coordinator

Hilary Boudreau, Gold Coordinator

Brent Adams, Gold Donor

Simon Abittan, Gold Donor

Michael Adams, Gold Donor

Kyle Adams, Gold Donor

Roxanne Abundis, Gold Donor

Elaine Adams, Gold Donor

Susan Christensen, Gold Coordinator

Joseph Abujasen, Gold Donor

Elaine Adams, Gold Coordinator

Nora Boisselle, Gold Coordinator

Daniel Adams, Gold Donor

Heather Burkhardt, Gold Coordinator

Rachel Adair, Gold Donor

Dan Davis, Gold Coordinator

Valerie Beydler, Gold Coordinator

Russell Aaron, Gold Donor

Emma Curtis, Gold Coordinator

Cherie Collins, Gold Coordinator

Adrienne Barry, Gold Coordinator

Darryl Abraham, Gold Donor

Virginia Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Amber Boster, Gold Coordinator

Andrea Acquafredda, Gold Donor

Dwight Aalgaard, Gold Donor

Alan Ackerman, Gold Donor

Jessica Adams, Gold Donor

Joseph Abittan, Gold Donor

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