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Faces of UBS: Center DRS Staff

Center DRSs
Our center DRS staff (left to right): Bonnie, Renee, Bette, Marta, Terri, Dennis, Natalie and Amanda

Maintaining Arizona’s blood supply is a big job. The task requires a lot of people serving in many different roles to ensure that hospital patients get the blood transfusions they need and that our donors have a positive and memorable experience.  On the frontlines of that mission is a very special group of individuals known as Donor Recruitment Specialists (DRS). Chances are good that you’ve interacted with one of them before, perhaps without even knowing it.    

The main job of our DRS staff is to provide our donors with excellent customer service.  They help people sign in, distribute donor “thank you” gifts and answer any preliminary questions a donor might have about the donation process.  They also help organize the flow of donors into the donation process to ensure that each person is served in an efficient manner.  DRSs serve in our six Valley donor centers as well as on many of our mobile blood drives. Today we’d like to introduce you to some of the individuals you might meet.

We asked a few members of this special group some questions about working at UBS so that you, our donors, could get to know them a little bit better.

What do you enjoy the most about working at UBS?

“I enjoy getting to know each and every donor and knowing that what I do helps patients and their families. Without even stepping into a hospital, I know that I help save hospital patients each and everyday.  I go home each day from work knowing that what I do as a DRS impacts patients for the rest of their lives. I couldn’t ask for more rewarding job.”
Natalie, Black Canyon Donor Center

“I so enjoy meeting all the donors, new and old alike.  It’s great to get them acquainted with new procedures and perhaps to a conversion, educate them.”
Bonnie, Airpark Donor Center

“What I enjoy most about working at United Blood Services is being part of a team that impacts the lives of our area hospital patients.  Knowing that there is no substitute for blood gives a great sense of importance to my job.”
Marta, Roaming

“The best thing about working for UBS is the platelet award dinner, where I get to see most of platelet donors from each of the centers I have worked at.”
Bette, West Valley Donor Center

“The one thing I enjoy most about working for UBS is knowing that each and everyday I am playing a part in saving someone’s life. I have a brother who needed blood transfusions due to a bad accident, and by working at UBS, as well as being a donor myself, I feel I am giving back and helping to saving someone else’s family member or loved one.”
Amanda, Chandler Donor Center

“The people. I have been at the Glendale Center for several years and absolutely love the donors and staff. I enjoy talking to each and everyone and hearing their stories. We have such a great group of dedicated donors, and it is such a pleasure to be a part of an organization that values people, along with saving lives.”
Renee, Glendale Donor Center

Please share your favorite donor moment.

“The moment that comes to mind first is when I had one of our dedicated platelet donors come to me and handed me a piece of paper full of dates for when he would like to come in. I then realized this donor not only donates platelets, but also he pre-plans his work and life around coming in 24 times a year! Leo Hill has been a loyal donor and to this date I keep track of all of his appointments.  I check each date for when he donates and so the following year he will know when each donation date drops off. To this day I can not forget that moment!”
Natalie, Black Canyon Donor Center

“I remember two donors in particular, they were young.  They had a very difficult time getting past the “iron percentage” part of the donor interview and always felt so bad.  When they FINALLY passed that hurdle, they actually had tears in their eyes and so did I!  It was a joyous moment and for them and for me.”
Bonnie, Airpark Donor Center

“My favorite donor moment was on a bus, when a donor commented that the technician who did her phlebotomy made what can be an anxious time for a donor a wonderful, painless experience.  It just reinforced what we do as a team to deliver great customer service to our donors. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.”
Marta, Roaming

“The first year of the Angels for Life Program - when my first donor became an angel.”
Bette, West Valley Donor Center

“Although I have many great ‘Donor Moments’ on a daily basis, I would say one of my favorites would be when I was reunited with a familiar Platelet donor. Judy and I got to know each other fairly well when I worked at the Commerce center. Unfortunately, when I was transferred to Chandler, I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to some of my regular donors; Judy being one of them. She came into Chandler this month for her first time since the Commerce center closed. Her face lit up the moment she walked in and saw me sitting behind the desk. She told me she was so thrilled to see a familiar face after having to start over with a new center. Judy was very unsure about working with a new set of phlebotomists, as well our newer machines, and no longer doing the two-arm platelet procedure. When I explained to her how much faster it would be and how wonderful our technicians at Chandler are, she was confident that I wouldn’t let her down. After her donation, she was extremely pleased with the way everything went. Knowing that I have the ability to make a donor feel safe and confident by just being in their presence is very heartwarming.”
Amanda, Chandler Donor Center

“I had a longtime platelet donor come in and ask a medication question. After talking to Stan further, he mentioned he had gone to the doctor because on his last donation, his blood pressure had been slightly high. The tech noticed his blood pressure had been rising steadily his last few donations and encouraged him to see his physician. He said he decided to go to the doctor and was told he should have a stress test. The results were surprising. They resulted in him having a quadruple bypass with several arteries blocked. He was experiencing no symptoms, and was so grateful that he felt we saved his life. He would have never thought to go to the doctor had we not taken his blood pressure. Just goes to show you, donating blood can not only save the lives of patients, but also save the lives of our friends, our donors.”
Renee, Glendale Donor Center


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