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Type O-Negative MAX Donors Make a Big Impact for
Emergency Patients and Babies

O-Negative MAX Donors

United Blood Services launched the MAX Donor program earlier this year, utilizing the newest technology designed to help more efficiently meet the daily needs of Arizona hospital patients.  With automated MAX donations, whole blood is separated in a self-contained, single-use “blood donation kit” that ensures the process is completely sterile and safe.  Specific blood components are isolated in transfusion bags, while other components are returned to the donor along with a hydrating saline solution.  Most automated donations take a smaller blood volume from the donor than whole blood donations, but make a bigger impact by providing increased quantities of the component needed most by hospital patients.

Donors with type O-negative blood are always encouraged to give a MAX Power Red donation.  While only six percent of the population has this rare blood, emergency rooms are using more and more type O-negative transfusions each year. The universal donor, O-negative is the only blood that can be substituted for all other types.  An ample supply gives transfusion options when shortages of other blood types arise.  In emergency situations when there is no time to determine a patient’s blood type, doctors depend on O-negative blood to sustain life until the patient can be stabilized. 

Doctors routinely rely on O-negative blood when premature babies and infants under 4 months old require lifesaving transfusions.  A typical 6-pound newborn has only about 8 ounces (one cup) of blood and extremely tiny veins, making it difficult to conduct blood tests.  Furthermore, because of their immature immune systems, neonates old often lack the necessary antibodies to determine blood type.  O-negative is the only blood type these babies can safely receive.

MAX donors help United Blood Services better meet the daily needs of Arizona hospital patients by giving the automated donation procedure that is most needed based on their blood type and physical attributes.  This year, United Blood Services established a special program just to thank donors who take a little extra time to “Maximize their Impact.”  During the month of May, MAX center donors earn of voucher for a Famous Star® Hamburger, courtesy of Courtesy of Carl’s Jr.  MAX Power Red donors also earn 100 extra points towards United Blood Services “Hero in Me” rewards program, where points can be redeemed for additional thank you gifts.


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