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United Blood Services Wyoming

United Blood Services provides lifesaving blood to patients in hospitals throughout this area. We welcome volunteer donors at our blood centers and blood drives. To make a convenient appointment to donate blood, please click here: schedule an appointment online.

Save time by completing your health history questionnaire online the same day as your blood donation appointment. On the day of your donation appointment, click here to begin your online health history questionnaire. Answer all the questions, then print your Fast Track Donation Ticket and bring it with you when you ...
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Heroes Honor Roll

Jo Campbell, Gold Coordinator

Kenneth Adams, Gold Donor

Randy Aamodt, Gold Donor

Rachel Adams, Gold Donor

Diana Ballinger, Gold Coordinator

Michelle Bossert, Gold Coordinator

Julie Bagby, Gold Coordinator

Gary Aasheim, Gold Donor

Shirley Combs, Gold Coordinator

Jeanine Brus, Gold Coordinator

Audrey Adams, Gold Donor

Lyda Adair, Gold Donor

Pph Club, Gold Coordinator

John Adams, Gold Donor

Robin Aalseth, Gold Donor

Walter Acra, Gold Donor

Chelsea Ashcraft, Gold Coordinator

Jory Abelman, Gold Donor

Staci Biernbaum, Gold Coordinator

Michael Adams, Gold Donor

Justin Abbott, Gold Donor

Jill Adams, Gold Donor

Chad Aagard, Gold Donor

Charollette Anderson, Gold Coordinator

Jim Cannon, Gold Coordinator

Phillip Adams, Gold Donor

Andrew Abel, Gold Donor

Kristy Atwood, Gold Coordinator

Darlene Carter Rose, Gold Coordinator

David Barton, Gold Coordinator

Thelma Cornwall, Gold Coordinator

Patricia Aagard, Gold Donor

Renee Ashby, Gold Coordinator

Staci Biernbaum, Gold Coordinator

Rebecca Clark, Gold Coordinator

Rubin Ackerman, Gold Donor

Bev Borer, Gold Coordinator

Roger Adam, Gold Donor

David Acton Jr, Gold Donor

Michael Aagard, Gold Donor

Randy Adams, Gold Donor

Cathie Bernavich, Gold Coordinator

Aleisa Abell, Gold Donor

Karen Corona, Gold Coordinator

Anna Cobb, Gold Coordinator

David Acton, Gold Donor

Lorraine Ackerman, Gold Donor

Janie Barfuss, Gold Coordinator

Cheryl Bolton, Gold Coordinator

Ella Arnell, Gold Coordinator

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Announcements & Events

  05/01/17-06/30/17: Give blood, win a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy
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  04/10/17: Give Blood and Get VIP Access to Vans Warped Tour

Don’t miss your chance to save lives and get the VI...

  01/01/17: United Blood Services Wyoming Donor Center Hours Expanded
We've expanded our hours at our Cheyenne, WY and Casper, WY ...

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